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Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments)


A collaborative program between Texas Panhandle Centers and Potter County Juvenile Probation also known as SNDP (Special Needs Diversionary Program.) SNDP program is a combination of a mental health case manager and a juvenile probation officer working together to provide comprehensive services to children, and adolescents who have a mental health diagnosis and have been impacted by the juvenile justice system

The team meets with the youth and family to provide intervention, skills training, case management, psychiatric services and community linkage to help support and strengthen family functioning and help reduce further involvement with juvenile justice system.


  • To help nurture strengths which already exist within the family.
  • To help youth discover and cultivate coping mechanisms that assist in symptom management, healthy decision making, and conflict resolution.
  • To help reduce psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • To help reduce further involvement with juvenile justice system.
  • To help youth succeed in school and successfully complete their probation.

A child must be between the ages of 10-17, can be on deferred prosecution or official probation and have a mental health diagnosis. TCOOMMI SNDP program is a voluntary program and both parent/guardian and youth must agree to participate. Referrals are received directly from the Potter County Juvenile Probation Department.


Potter county Juvenile Probation
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Sandra Garza
900 S Polk St #500
Amarillo, TX 79101