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Disaster Response Services

In the event of a local, state, or federal emergency, including natural, man-made, criminal, terrorist, and/or bioterrorism events, declared as a state disaster by the Governor, or a federal disaster by the appropriate federal official, TPC may be called upon to assist DSHS in providing services in the following areas: community evacuation, health, and medical assistance; assessment of health and medical needs; health surveillance; medical care personnel; health and medical equipment and supplies; patient evacuation; in-hospital care and hospital facility status; food, drug, and medical devise safety; worker health and safety; mental health and substance treatment; public health information; vector control and veterinary services, and victim identification and mortuary services. Disaster services shall be carried out in the manner most responsive to the need of the emergency, be cost effective, and be least intrusive on the primary services of TPC.


TPC has established a Disaster Mental Health Team to respond to local, state, or federal emergencies. The system is lead by the Disaster Mental Health Lead Coordinator and is divided into three sub-teams, which serve on a rotating on-call schedule that rotates every two weeks. Each sub-team has a primary team leader, followed by approximately 4-5 additional team members. The DMH Lead Coordinator is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and each team is consisted of qualified mental health professionals that are regularly trained in crisis intervention skills.

Regional response includes coverage of the following counties: Dallam, Sherman, Hansford, Ochiltree, Lipscomb, Hartley, Moore, Hutchinson, Roberts, Hemphill, Oldham, Potter, Carson, Gray, Wheeler, Deaf Smith, Randall, Armstrong, Donley, Collingsworth, & Hall.

TPC has mental health clinics in the following towns: Dumas (Moore County), Perryton (Ochiltree County), Borger (Hutchinson County), Pampa (Gray County), Clarendon (Donley County), and Hereford (Deaf Smith County.)

Clinic coverage is as follows: (1) Dumas clinic covers Moore- Hartley- Dallam-& Sherman Counties (2) Perryton clinic covers Hemphill- Lipscomb- Ochiltree- & Hansford Counties (3) Borger clinic covers Hutchison & Carson Counties (4) Pampa clinic covers Roberts- Gray- & Wheeler Counties (5) Clarendon Clinic covers Armstrong- Donley- Collingsworth- & Hall Counties (6) Amarillo Clinic covers Potter & Randall Counties (7) Hereford covers Deaf Smith & Oldham Counties.

In the event of a local, state, or federal emergency in an outlying county- then the DMH Lead Coordinator makes contact with the appropriate clinic manager to assess situation and need. If additional assistance is needed, then the DMH Lead Coordinator contacts the appropriate team leader to call team members for assistance.

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