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Child and Adolescent MH Services

Texas Panhandle MHMR Child and Adolescent MH Services provides mental health treatment for children and adolescents ages 3 years to seventeen who suffer from a variety of emotional disturbances which cause severe emotional and/or social disability. Mental health services provided to children and adolescents include the following:

    Assessment Services determine eligibility, treatment needs and treatment preferences of the child or family seeking services.

Service Coordination provides assistance in accessing medical, social, educational and other community resources. The goal is to achieve quality of life and community participation acceptable to the child or family. Service coordination includes assessment, service planning, monitoring, crisis prevention and case management.

  • MEDICATION RELATED SERVICESMedication Related Services provides evaluation of the need for, prescribing and monitoring, medication used for psychiatric disorders. Services include pharmacological management, medication monitoring, medication administration and medication training.
  • SKILLS TRAININGSkills Training addresses community living, social, communication, coping, daily living, anger management, problem-solving, skills for the development of natural supports, symptom management and accessing educational or employment resources.
  • FAMILY TRAININGThere are two aspects of Family Training:
    1) Training provided to families assist in understanding the child’s diagnosis and participating in treatment planning, and,
    2) Face-to-face interactions help parents understand mental illness and administer medications, implement a behavior program, develop parenting skills to manage the child’s behavior and crisis management.
  • COUNSELINGCounseling and Psychotherapy are face-to-face problem resolution services provided by a licensed practitioner. These services may be provided to individuals, families and groups. Counseling generally begins on a weekly or every-other week basis then sessions become less frequent as problems are resolved.
  • IN-HOME CRISIS INTERVENTIONIn-Home Crisis Intervention is a program offering frequent face-to-face or out-of-office intervention to assist children and families in managing an identified crisis (generally the child is at risk of placement). The intervention plans to keep a child with the family or primary caregiver. The majority of in-home crises can be stabilized in 90 days.
  • RESPITE SERVICESRespite Services provide temporary, short-term and periodic relief of primary caregivers from the responsibilities of providing care for their children with serious emotional disturbances. Respite may be in-home or community-based.
  • CRISIS STABILIZATION BEDSCrisis Stabilization Beds provide short-term 24-hour hospital services to children and adolescents who are in acute psychiatric crisis who cannot be stabilized in a less restrictive setting. The goal is to return the child to the community as soon as possible.
  • INPATIENT SERVICESInpatient Services are extended hospital services that provide 24-hour professional monitoring, supervision and assistance in an environment designed to provide safety and security during acute psychiatric crises. The length of stay is based on the child’s treatment needs. The goal is to return the child to the least restrictive setting as soon as clinically indicated.
  • FIRST TIME OFFENDERSFirst Time Offenders are children or adolescents who are at risk of involvement or who are involved with the juvenile/other court for the first time and who need mental health services.

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