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Monthly Ability-to-Pay Fee Schedule

TPC must conduct and document a financial assessment for each person within the first 30 days of services. The LMHA must update each person’s financial assessment at least annually and whenever a significant financial change (as defined) occurs as long as the person continues to receive services. The financial assessment is accomplished using the financial documentation which represents the finances of the: (1) person who is age 18 years or older and the person’s spouse; or (2) parents of the person who is under age 18 years. (b) Maximum monthly fee. A person’s maximum monthly fee is based on the financial assessment and calculated using the Monthly Ability-To-Pay Fee Schedule. The calculation is based on the number of family members and annual gross income, reduced by extraordinary expenses paid during the past 12 months or projected for the next 12 months. No other sliding scale is used. (1) A maximum monthly fee that is greater than zero is established for persons who are determined as having an ability to pay. If two or more members of the same family are receiving services, then the maximum monthly fee is for the family.